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with nidagravel® loose gravel

                           with nidagravel®                                                loose gravel

nidagravel® has been developed for the creation of stable, long-lasting, water-permeable path and road surfaces using gravel.

nidagravel® sheets are made from extruded polypropylene and have a hollow, hexagonal structure (honeycomb structure). These sheets are light in weight and pressure resistant and are intended to reinforce and stabilise areas covered with gravel and pebbles. They are highly resistant to aggressive products, micro-organisms and rodents and are also recyclable.

The sheets’ honeycombs are 49 mm in diameter and a porous geotextile is attached to the underside. This geotextile prevents gravel from sinking into the subgrade or ending up under the sheets and eventually pushing them up. It also acts as a root-proof membrane. nidagravel® is supplied in sheet form.

nidagravel® nidagravel®

Advantages of nidagravel® in a nutshell:

  • a long-lasting, stable gravel surface without rutting
  • easy to walk on, ride or wheel a bicycle or wheelchair across or drive across in a car
  • 100 % water-permeable surface; no puddles form and no drainage system is required
  • the lightweight, flexible nidagravel® sheets do not slide out of place, not even on slight slopes, and follow the contours of your site perfectly
  • the geotextile, which is thermally glued to the sheets, prevents the gravel from ending up under the sheet and eventually pushing it up
  • weedproof and easy to maintain
  • once laid the sheets are invisible
  • light weight combined with large size means it is very quick to lay
  • easy to lay, no special tools are required
  • nidagravel® is recyclable and UV and frost resistant

Accessories for nidagravel®:

nidaborder PE
an effective, economic and discrete border made from recycled PE. It is ideal for use in gardens and landscaping when creating a border for paths, roads, flower beds and lawns.

nidaborder Galva

a galvanised steel edging section and ideal for creating a border for lawns, playgrounds, paths, access roads, driveways, green areas and numerous other (stone) applications such as terraces and patios, where an aesthetically pleasing appearance is desirable.

nidaborder Curve

edging in regenerated PVC which provides a border between planted areas and traffic areas of the same or different types.